Diesel GPU 90-140 kVA


Diesel GPU 90-140  kVA

are intended for supplying on board electrical equipment of aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at the airports, at aircraft industry enterprises shopfloors, and for supplying of complex training simulator in the aviation study -training centers .

These power supply units have two types of output s: one with direct current of 28,5V, and second one with alternating current of 3 х200V 400 Hz.


The main technical data is as follows:

 The Ground Power Unit (GPU) has a  diesel engine  driven alternator manufactured  which is rated 90-140 kva and provides 115/200  AC dual outlet for loading, servicing and starting.  Each GPU is totally self contained requiring no outside source of power.  There  is electronic sensing and protection of oil  pressure and temperature. The access canopies are manually operated.  The GPU is  mounted on four, independently sprung wheels. The single voltage version of  the unit provides a 400Hz a.c output through one or two output cables. The duel voltage system will also supply a  28v/800A output. The 400Hz  output is not available with 28v dc. 

28v D.C 800/2500A Transformer Rectifier Unit The transformer rectifier unit (T.R.U) operates from the 200V, 400Hz, 3-phase output from the engine driven alternator. The power rectifier and output switching contactor are located  in an enclosure beneath the control panel. The control circuits, switches and indicator lamps are added to a section of the control panel. The T.R.U adapts the basic ground  power unit to provide a 28d.c output with a continuous rating of 800A and an intermittent  rating of 2500A. 

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