Combined GPU 400 Hz + 28 VDC


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Combined power supply units of FC/AV series are intended for supplying on board electrical equipment of aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at the airports, at aircraft industry enterprises shopfloors, and for supplying of complex training simulator in the aviation study -training centers .These power supply units have two types of output s: one with direct current of 28,5V, and second one with alternating current of 3 х200V 400 Hz.

Wear and tear is limited to a minimum because there are no rotating parts.


The Ground power units provides:

  • - High quality of output three-phase sinusoidal current with frequency of 400Hz;
  • - High coefficient of efficiency during all modes and small consumption of electric
  • - Energy during no-load;
  • - Considerable energy saving;
  • - High quality of on board energy supply;
  • - Maximum unharmonicity of electric energy input: 5%
  • - Easy board maintenance process control;
  • - Voltage loss balancing on the cable 
  • - The possibility of 2 boards parallel unrelated supplying

Available in the following ratings:

  • Rated output power, kVA the range from 5 up to 180 kVA;
  • Rectifiers with rated currents of 50 -  800 A with peak loads of 1200 and 2400 A

Is ideally suited for exploitation in such aircrafts as:  «Аirbus», «Boeing», «Bombardier», «Embraer»,«Agusta Westaland», «Eurocopter», «McDonnell Douglas», «Sikorsky», «Robinson», «Sweizer», «Bell» ,«Ан», «Ту», «Bombardier», «Embraer», «Gulfstream», «Cessna», «Dassault», «Hawker» and others.

The main technical data is as follows:

  • Nominal output voltage:28,5 V ( or 19 - 33 V)
  • Ripple: less than 1% at full load
  • Voltage regulation: <0.5% from 0 to nominal voltage
  • Voltage compensation: 0-3 V
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Operating temperature: -45°C to +50°C
  • Noise level <65 dB(A)@1m - typically 60 dB(A)
  • Supply mains, V 3x380 (optionally 3x220; 3x440 and other voltages ) with zero;
  • Rated output voltage, V 200/110;
  • Output voltage regulation accuracy, % 2
  • Output frequency, Hz 400
  • Accepted deviation of output frequency from rated value % 0,1
  • Accepted overloading during 10 minutes, % from rated value 110
  • Accepted overloading during 5 seconds, % from rated value 150
  • Minimal coefficient of efficiency, % 94.

All our production is manufactured in accordance with the following Norms and Standards:

  • • DFS400 Specification for 400 Hz aircraft power
  • • ISO 6858 Aircraft ground support electric supplies
  • • BS 2G 219 General requirements for ground support equipment
  • • MIL-STD-704 Aircraft electric power characteristics
  • • SAE ARP 5015 Ground equipment 400 Hz gound power performance requirement
  • • EN62040-1-1 General & safety requirement
  • • EN61558-2-6 General & safety requirement
  • • EN61000-6-4 Electromagnectic compatibility - Generic emission standard
  • • EN61000-6-2 Generic immunity standard

CE Declaration of Conformity

There is the possibility of ground power units manufacturing in stationary or mobile, as well as in accordance with special customer requirements.

 A delivery set also consists of input and output cables for connection to the electrical network and load. 

Company Dekomir LTD may fill orders for manufacturing  Frequency converters with parameters differing from the mentioned above.

All equipment can have northern, tropical or other execution due to customer requirements.

A guarantee 24 month        

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