RTA high-voltage static converters


RTA high-voltage static converters 

RTA high-voltage static converters for centralized system of passenger coach power supply. RTA type converters are used as power supplies for passenger coach low-voltage electric power consumers, including air conditioning devices and compressor electric motors.

Power circuit structure:

DC contact system voltage of 3000 V is applied through the protection device to the high-voltage inverter which works at a frequency of 10 kHz, and through isolation transformers to rectifiers which form a DC output bus with a voltage of 270 V. The DC bus is connected to channel 1 and channel 2, which convert the DC voltage to AC voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz (three-phase and single phase).


The high-voltage inverter and channel 1 and channel 2 converters are assembled on IGBT devices. The high-voltage inverter and channel converters are microprocessor controlled.  Galvanic isolation between controller and high-voltage inverter: optical fiber cables. The galvanic isolated DC output bus allows the connection of the required quantity of secondary converters with various technical parameters.


The converter is supplied with the required protection, signaling and technical diagnostics.

The control console is located on the coach platform.

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