Dual channels AV series rectifiers 28V

This model AV2-780x28/48 are available at the warehouses! Brand-new! 

Technical characteristics AV2-780x28/48:

The AR-2x400x28/48 airport rectifier is intended for supplying on board electrical equipment on aircrafts and helicopters with 28 V DC voltage during pre-flight preparation, and also starting engines in a 24/48 V system.

Could be manufactured in a mobile and stationary versions

Technical characteristics:

Number of outputs –  Operation mode: 2×28.5 V

1. Nominal output voltage 28 V
2. Accuracy of output voltage stabilization + – 0.85 V
3. Nominal current with simultaneous working of both outputs 780 A
4. 60-minute overloading of output with interval minimum of 3 hours (second output current not exceeding 200 A) 850 A
5. Short-time overloading of any output for two seconds 2500 A
6. Ripple factor of output voltage max 7.4 %
7. Efficiency min – 92 %

Operation mode: 24/48 V

1. Nominal output voltage with series connection of output 48 V
2. Output voltage range with series connection of outputs 48-69 V
3. Nominal output current 780 A
4. Operation period, 750 A current (from cold state with minimum interval of 15 minutes) up to 5 minutes
5. Current imitation 750 A
6. Maximum total permissible output power 40 kW

Environmental parameters:

Air temperature, maximum +50 °

Air temperature, minimum -50 °

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