Airfield distribution column AFC

Airfield distribution column AFC-1 series represents stationary/outboard power supplies for ground electro consumers with electrical load of AC 220, 380 V 50 Hz and special currents 115/200V 400Hz on the aircraft parking. They are also used to provide electrical load to the workshops and aviation hangars..

Airfield distribution column is designed as a pillar, installed on the prepared foundation by four anchor bolts. A face panel with control and alarm elements is protected by transparent cover panel, that enables additional environmental protection of control elements.

The distribution pillar AFC series manufactured in strict accordance with all required standards and equipped  with the following outputs:

  • 220/380 V, 50 Hz
  • up to 4 channels 16 A;
  • 3 channels 63 A 
  • 2 channels to 250 A.

The distribution pillar AFC series Special currents 400Hz:

  • 400Hz
    • Up to 2 channels 115/200 V with an output power of 90 kVA each;
    • 3 channels 115 V;
    • 1 channel 36 with an output of up to 10 kVA.

Special currents 28V:

  • 2 channels to 28 V with output rated current 600 A each
  • Each channel can be equipped with a high-speed electric switch along with an indication of voltage present and the status of work.

Pillars can be equipped with a built-in remote control, built- in certified counters indicating consumed electricity via 50 Hz and 400 Hz channels and an anti-condensation heating system..

Airfield distribution column is designed as a pillar

A flashlight or parking light (optional) is placed on the column’s top. Inputs/outputs for a column remote control can be assembled upon Client’s special request. 

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