Combined GPU 400 Hz + 28 VDC

Combined power supply units of FC/AV series  are intended for supplying on board electrical equipment of aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at the airports, at aircraft industry enterprises shopfloors, and for supplying of complex training simulator in the aviation study -training centers. These power supply units have two types of output s: one with direct current of 28,5V and second one with alternating current of 3 х200V 400 Hz


Main characteristics:

  • Rated output voltage phase/line, V 3 х 380 (3x220; 3x440)
  • Supply nominal frequency, Hz 60/50 


  • Rated output voltage phase/line, V 3 x 115/200 
  • Total harmonic content, % ≤2
  • Output voltage frequency, Hz 400
  • Voltage: 28V DC (adjustable, 19-33V)  
  • Energy conversion efficiency: no less than 94%
  • Ambient temperature range -50°С +50°С 
  • Frequency stabilization accuracy, % ±0.1

Our combination frequency converters are available :

  • Alternating current (AC) 400 hz: 25 – 120 kVA
  • Direct current ( DC) 28V: 100-800 А
  • 24/48V engine starting mode

OUR Combined GPU 400 Hz + 28 VDC are a perfect fit for:

  • Regional airliners: including, Boieng, Airbus, Antonov An, Tupolev Tu, Bombardier, Embraer, Gulfstream, Cessna, Dassault, Hawker, and others.
  • Helicopters: AgustaWestland, Eurocopter, Mi 8/17, Kamov, McDonnell Douglas, Sikorsky, Robinson, Schweizer, Bell, and other helicopters.


  • GOST 19705-89 Electric Power Supply Systems of Aircrafts and Helicopters
  • DFS 400 Specification for 400Hz Aircraft Power
  • ISO 6858 Ground Support Electrical Supplies for Aircraft
  • BS 2G 219 General Requirements for Ground Support Electrical Supplies for Aircraft
  • EN 50091-1 General and Safety Requirements
  • EN 61000-6-2 Immunity Standard
  • SAE ARP 5015 400Hz Ground Power Performance Requirements
  • EN 61000 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Emission Standard.

Best technology

Our Combined GPU 400 Hz + 28 VDC is realible easy to tow around in its mobile version. And base on solid-state technology .

The solid-state technology means that wear and tear is limited to a minimum since there are no rotating parts. The result is a very reliable and dependable unit that is built to last for a long time.


The set comes

The converter comes with a standard 10-15 meter cable and a   PLUG 400HZ and 28V. Cable length can be extended upon request.

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